Pls is it right or possible to love two people at the same time I need replies and advice pls



Hi good morning …. I am so grateful and do thankful to be alive this morning. I just want to thank God for always being with me even when people always wanted to see the worst in me but GOD loved me through my good and my bad. He knows what I’m going through he knows what is in my heart. I have a lot of things going on in my life but I don’t even wanna write about it in thins post I just want to give praise and honor to the only one who deserves it. And I pray that as I go out to take care of what I have to do today that The Lord will bless all my efforts. Thank you lord for everything. You may be wondering that isn’t this the same person that has been complaining about a lot of things here. Well that’s true but still God has always been there for me. I know this is a different post. But we all have to be appreciative once in a while right? Have a great day wherever you are.

Life story

Hey! I must have talked a lot and complained a lot about my family not wanting to let me study in the university of my choice because they want me to be closer to home. But that really was the beginning of how bad my year started. I really want to take my spiritual life serious but it’s difficult bcos almost everyone wants to create a monster out of me. I don’t really understand why every one wants to see the worst in me. I will like to summaries my education life for you so you will understand.
U graduated in the year 2011 as a science student I passed all my subjects which allowed me to go to the next step. I then took the exams but then wasn’t able to get to the cut off mark for my course chemical engineering I tried to change to surveying and geoinformertics engineering it didn’t work out. So in 2012 I had to take the exams again but this time I didn’t pass at all. So I applied for computer engineering in another school and I got in yay!!! I was so excited mum too but then my problem was now that I have finally been accepted will the let me go. So I waited for my dad to come home that night I showed him my acceptance letter and he laughed… Ouch that hurt. This was January. After that I felt so hurt and depressed I can’t even open a book to read. I quit everything that had too do with school I decided to work. . I told my dad that I’m nt going to take the exams again. He said I should at a point he threatened me that he will send me out of his home. I really didn’t care. I was and I’m still pissed at him. Not bcos he didn’t allow me to go to ghana but bcos in 2012 after he found out I could not enter school he started searching for other choices for me. Then in 2012 a school offered me admission he said no bcos it wasn’t close to home. But now that I got admission he told me no. I’m confused here. Ok so he decided to punish me and said he’s not doing a visa for me to go to S.a with the family and that he’s not going to renew my America visa. On Wednesday which was yesterday he sent my sis to advice me. My sis is the worst person Someone can bring to talk to me why? She’s just like my dad. They judge to easily they don’t look at facts before the judge. So I really wasn’t interested in listening to her. Anyways I think I can live with the punishment. Well I decided to go to a part time teaching school at least to get busy. No1 approves but really IDGAF I’m sorry to use that.
I’m going to be 19 pretty soon and I think it’s time I make some decisions for my self . If this goes on I will be leaving home for good pretty soon. That’s all for now. So many of you may disagree . Oh pls leave your comment in the box below. I’ll love to know what you have to say

My Love life

Wow so looks like I haven’t posted anything in a while .
So I’m back I have been having a lot of drama in my life. Most especially with career choice but at this point I’m most likely going to be a teacher. It’s not so bad I have lost hope about being an engineer well it’s all good. So I wanna rant a little bit about my love life. Well I’m in love with chuck bass (a character from gossip girl) lol I’m joking but seriously it’s kinda weird but I’m in love with his character. Because chuck was a really bad boy in his youth. I noticed i tend to fall in love with bad boys.or at least the ones people call bad boys but I don’t see them as bad boys. They are just guys going through a lot of challenges in life. But while watching gossip girl I learnt a lot about my own relationship. The problem I have in mine. In my whole life I have only been madly in love with two guys. As you know I don’t give names so I’ll give only their initials. So There is E and J but currently I am with J. But the truth is I will always love E. he’s actually the one I want to spend my life with. He understands me. But the thing is I can’t be with him right now. Its just best if we are not together. Last month or so he told me still loves me and asked me if I did I could not answer him because I didn’t want to tell him I did. But the truth is that we may not be together but I can never stop loving him. I only wish he could see my heart. I’m sure for those who have watched gossip girl you can relate my story to chuck and Blair. Ok right now J misplaced his phone and we don’t talk so often again. I thought I would miss him but I don’t. I can’t even tell him I miss him or love him again. Ok I have to go now got chores I need to do but I will give you updates later. Stay in touch. Xoxo

Last day of January pls be better February

Hey I know I haven’t posted anything since the incident I has with my dad but well I’m back. I thank God for the friends I have that could always advice me in the right well the Are totally the best. So last year my dad told me not to talk to a boy because he judged him by what he heard from different sources but never actually got to know the boy in person. Well for sometime I actually stopped talking to the boy the later I realized what’s the point you are not suppose to judge someone based on their appearances only you also ha e to get to know the personality of the person . So I don’t know if I told you that after that incident I lost interest in school and all and actually don’t feel like going to school again cos its quite depressing I was gonna stay home for another year and try to figure life and all cos all the exams were making me depressed but then I got talking to my friend that I am supposedly not to talk to and he actually helped me and advised me and I actually do feel a lot better than before. I’m still not really talking to my dad because he hurt me and its not so easy to forget about it. I’m taking work serious cos I need the cash. But I’m keeping it on a low key cos I don’t really want people to know that I work. This is my last time to write this particular exams and after it I’m never gonna take any entrance exams again. Well I just wanted to update you on what’s going on. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you we will still be in touch xoxoxo.

RE: JAN 22 2013

Some times I wonda y I luv u so much like dis dat even if it means putting u 1st b 4 myself I would do it. I kw u will nt listen 2 me in anything I say about yur skl stuff. Bt if u in luv wf me @ list just hear me out pls. I kw u rely wanna enter skl bt u stuck wf dis yur parents rules n all dat, n I kw it can b fustrating. I kw hw much u must av spent 2 get d form n yur hopes we’re high n finaly u got d admission bt yur dad wuld nt let U, if I we’re in yur shoes I would do worst bt swthrt let pause a bit n check it, nw yur parent av lived der life nw its yur turn n yur stuck wf dem bcus dey ar yur parents ders notin u can do. Nw dey will nt let u skl outside lagos. U av no option cus dey ar yur parents dats just life 4 U, whn u get yur own kids its wht u say dat dey will do weda dey like it or nt so just c it dat way, u ar stuck wf yur parents n dat does nt mean u will nt do fine. Nw wht sugest u do is to calmdwn n reason out things cus if u stay @ home u aint doing yur parents U doing yurself, 1day God might tk dem home u neva can tell bt I dnt pray 4 such. So u gonna re print d slip n go 4 jamb n pass n enter redemers, I can garantee u dat u will enter redemers. Sthrt its yur life dnt let yur parents or yur anoyance mk u do sumthing u will regret lter on. So snap out of it n I kw u will pass dat exam. If it means me begging u 2 write it I will beg U pls dear pls just write d jamb pls just 4 my sake, n if u dnt mk it 2 either lag or redemers, u can den hate me as much as u can, cus I kw 4 sure u will mk it dis year, I so much believe in u mor dan u believe in yurself. Pls wht do u want me 2 do 4 u I will do it bt pls just write jamb 4 me dats all am asking u 2 do pls. I LUV U Wf my LIFE, just do dis 1 thing 4 me, if u Luv me bk pLs. I kw u might nt listen 2 me bt pls just gv it a tot pls. .
That what som1 who cares sent

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Jan 22 2013

Wow looks like this year just got better the school I applied for just sent me an acceptance letter I’m really excited because it looks like my dream to become an engineer isn’t fading away. But now the scary part of it is how will my dad take it I just sent him the acceptance form he really doesn’t want me to go and I know the school fees is a lot but I don’t think I can stay at home another year . If I don’t take this opportunity and I don’t get into a school this ear agin to study engineering am never gonna forgive myself.Well keep your fingers crossed and hope all goes well expecting dad in an hour or two just hope he use cool with it cos I really don’t have time to waste again
So I’m back I told my dad about me and he totally said no. He says he has my best interest at heart but as from today I don’t believe it again. I think he wished I didn’t even exist when it comes to me he doesn’t care at all . I just wish I could escape for a while but no money or I would have ran away. I need some1 who actually cares about me . My dad literally deceived me like he actually wanted me to go and school I’m ghana. At this moment I won’t be going to school again. That’s all for now . Words of advice no1 cares about you and sometimes u can’t even trust your own flesh and blood …….. Goodbye

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